Buzzbank and the Fund for Enlightened Agriculture have just launched a new funding opportunity.
The “A-Team Challenge” is offering match-funding and business support to successful applicant organisations.
They are looking for:

  • Horticulture, especially organic horticulture, and those variants that are classed as biodynamic, or are within the broad category of permaculture, and especially when practised within city boundaries or on the edge of cities, which is grown primarily for the benefit of local communities, to create employment for young people or to support jobs for vulnerable people.
  • Organic, or biodynamic farming practice (this does not need to be certified, but applicants will need to demonstrate that they are practising organic or biodynamic principles).
  • Small-scale mixed farming (again organic in principle though not needing to be certified as such, and geared to serving local communities) in which crops (both arable and horticultural) and livestock are integrated synergistically; for example in which animals feed primarily or exclusively on land or surpluses that would otherwise be wasted, and in turn help to cultivate the land and maintain its fertility.
  • Enterprises involved in the marketing and distribution of food that provide an outlet for local food production including small-scale farmers and growers.

For more details, visit:

Closing date 24th November 2013.

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