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Sociocracy in co-operatives.

5th April 2022.  Online webinar, 10AM – 1 PM

An introduction to sociocratic governance in co-operatives. Demand for this type of support is growing with worker and multi-stakeholder co-operatives seeking a more equitable and effective way of working. The workshop will introduce the four main elements of sociocratic governance, and provide useful techniques for working with client groups, or within your own co-op.

What to Expect

  • An overview of sociocracy
  • An exploration of why sociocratic governance is appealing to co-operatives (sharing power and responsibility to enable active and effective participation)
  • Practical tools to support your work with clients

What you’ll leave with

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the four main elements of sociocratic governance
  • Explain how and why sociocracy is being used in co-ops, and the benefits it offers
  • Facilitate the sociocratic proposal forming method
  • Facilitate the consent decision-making process

Who It’s For

  • Anyone supporting client groups to make decisions together
  • Anyone interested in learning some sociocratic methods for use in their own co-ops


Trainer: Abbie Kempson, People Support Co-op

Cost £50

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Creating detailed financial projections for co-operatives and community businesses.
22nd March 2022.  Online webinar, 10AM – 1 PM   Bookings now closed – Fully booked

This on-line workshop is for those who specialise in supporting co-ops with raising finance, or general practitioners who can’t work in partnership with a finance specialist. The workshop will cover:

  • How to use a co-ops marketing objectives to create a P&L Forecast
  • How to adjust a P&L Forecast to create an Operating Cash Flow
  • How to combine a co-ops capital needs, sources of finance and Operating Cash Flow to create a Cash Flow Forecast
  • How to combine these sheets into a Balance Sheet Forecast.

It will be a mostly practical session, with attendees needing to be able to use Google Sheets (or
have a broad understanding of spreadsheets).

Trainer: Andy Cocktaildress

Cost £50

Barefoot Co-op Development Training programme